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A prestigious property is about more than just square metres. It is about ergonomic flow, understanding how a space can make your life a complete pleasure. This is why we attach so much importance to the ‘front end’ of a project: to finding the right, highly expert interior designers, interior architects and project managers who can maximise the potential of every centimetre.

To achieve this, Eventus has no signature style: every property either has a client with their own aspirations, or the building itself and its location evolves the vision. Each design is, like a bespoke suit, emphatically unique. And we enlist the full range of materials, ideas and technologies to provide a succession of surprises from room to room.

Outside or inside – we see no difference. Every space needs expert design, inspired ideas and flawless execution. Again, Eventus works with a handpicked roster of award winning landscape architects and outdoor specialists. However, without the constraints of walls and ceilings, exterior projects can often provide the stage on which to let your imagination run riot.

We love nothing more, and can provide CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to help a client preview a concept before we start to implement it.


Berkeley House
Pear Tree House
Brook House